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Welcome to my site. My name is Christiane Lorenz and I work as a senior coach in leadership, questions of life, inspiration and personal effectiveness.

Do you recognise one of the following situations?

  • You contribute to great achievements that have a large impact on your environment. But you also experience a glass ceiling you would like to break through because you feel that there is more in it for you, you know it, but can’t accomplish it.
  • You are absolutely committed to what you do, make high demands on yourself but as a result of that you regularly seem to be exhausted.
  • You have to deal with a radical change like the loss of inspiration, health, a dear one or your job. You would like to cope with the resulting emotions. You would also like to reflect on the question: What to do next?
  • You keep facing the same problems. You just don’t succeed in solving the problems and making a change.
  • Everything seems to be going well, but still it feels like something is missing and you experience agitation or a void. You want to understand this and long for fulfilment. You want to flourish and be significant.
  • You work properly in a complex and challenging situation but now and then you don’t seem get the big picture anymore. How can you be resilient in this complexity?
  • You really want to make a difference; you have a message that is important for others. You want to convey “the big unifying and creating message”.
  • You would like to be surrounded by healthy resistance, no sweet talkers just because you are the boss. You want to be kept alert and inspired by others.
  • You want to connect your dreams and ideas with those of other people, so new products and services can see the light of day.

Then, the following might interest you:
I counsel ambitious people with life experience, who are dissatisfied because they cannot live up to an essential part of their life adequately. They feel there is something that needs to get out there, that wants to be lived in accordance with their environment or their work.
These people wish to be significant in their lives. They don’t want to be lived by the daily rat race nor by the impetus of dramatic events. They want to create, expand beyond boundaries and innovate.

Do you also want to…?
Flourish… unlock your indefinite potential…. encounter inspiring success in your work…. be the captain of your own ship even in stressful or very prosperous situations…. feel one….  feel as one…. live and act in wisdom and peace…. create for the sake of creation and not because you have to…. come into contact with your basic confidence again… feel free amidst all the commotion…. be connected with yourself and others…. contribute in an original and sensible manner?

What I offer you:
I will counsel you personally by a mixture of individual meetings and  telephone or Skype contacts. The personal meetings will take place in the beautiful, medieval Nicolas monastery (Nicolaasklooster) located in one of the oldest sites in the centre of Utrecht. The silence of this place will inspire your research and get you more in touch with your inner self.

I welcome you to introduce yourself:

It takes courage to meet the research. You will step out of your comfort zone leaving solid ground, into the unknown. Because of that it is of great importance to find a counsellor you can confide in. Feel welcome to find out if I am the suitable person for you.

You can call or mail me for a non-binding intake.
Telephone: 0031(0) 621264776 of via the contact sheet.
I would love to be with you on this venture.

About me:
“Inspiring people to connect with their core essence and mould their lives from there, has always been a driving force in my life.”
I am trained as a social educator, movement therapist and coach/trainer in Innovation, Manifesting Results and Mindfulness. For the past 9 years I have trained myself intensively in awareness training at the ‘School voor Zijnsoriëntatie’. I have worked as a manager and currently I am self-employed. Besides my activities for my own company Lorenthe, I am affiliated with Schouten&Nelissen and Traumaopvang Nederland as a freelance trainer. I also have a lot of international experience; I have worked in Scotland, England, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, France and  the Canary Islands.

My coaching approach is profound, clear, sensitive, pragmatic, empathic and challenging.

My way of learning:
I keep my personal development in focus. I pay a lot of attention to my own training, education and counselling.
The option for personal development usually starts throughout a crisis or a life-changing event. This happened to me when I was 29 years old (divorce and my dad’s passing). I had already been fascinated by questions of life, but then my passion for personal growth and transformation was instigated.
Now, more than 25 years later, I realise how much I still benefit from it. It doesn’t just enrich my own life, but it also sees to it that I am a much more likable and inspiring person for the people around me. In times of peace and quiet but even in turbulent times. By this I mean that you don´t just train yourself for yourself, but also for your dear ones and your environment, the people around you. Taking care of yourself also means taking care of others. Your contribution to your own environment has more impact. Doing so in my own life has stimulated me to enhance and support evolutionary transformation with other people.

I keep myself inspired by planning sufficient time in my life for creativity. Being in a creative mode energises me. By writing poems and combining those with other forms of art like music, film and my daughter´s paintings for example. But also producing a book or developing a `conversation box`.
Another important source are the profound conversations about life and the beautiful encounters with people. I want to live on the edge of the possible. I want to challenge myself to live on the boundaries of renewal and transformation. I also make sure I don´t get lost into things that don´t really matter. That´s why I am being coached a lot.

My mottos are:
“In every situation, every sense, every impulse there is information. If you read this in the same way you read an interesting book, you can easily upgrade your life in a spiritual and material way.”
“Life doesn’t have to be a struggle, even if it is very tough at times.”
“Truth leads to freedom.”
“It can be more fun!”

My sources of inspiration:
Vision and methods from the traditional Eastern wisdom and the Western psychology inspire me. For example: “Zijnsorientatie” by Hans Knibbe, Almaas, Mindfulness by Kabat Zinn, Transpersonal Voice Dialogue techniques Big Mind, Big Heart by Dennis Genpo Merzel and Evolutionary Enlightenment by Craig Hamilton.

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